Saturday, November 23, 2019

A Career Profile essays

A Career Profile essays On October the tenth I interviewed Mr. Jonathan Franklin Raymond. Mr. Raymond intrigued me because he graduated from a prestigious college, yet he has never utilized his degree. With Mr. Raymonds permission, I will refer to him as Jon throughout the interview and paper. Jennifer: What were your hobbies as a child? Jon: I read a lot of comic books. I also had a chemistry set. In fact, I had my own little laboratory. It consisted of my chemistry set, a microscope, and a weather station. I also liked to build things. Jennifer: Would you consider yourself has having been a social child? Jon: Yes, I guess so. I had a few really close friends. I never really cared what other people thought of me. I was quite unmindful of what other people thought. Jennifer: What did your father do for a living? Jon: My father was a jeweler. He worked for my grandfather up until I was in high school, then he had his own business. Jennifer: What did your mother do for a living? Jon: She was a schoolteacher all of her life. She taught choir until I entered high school, then she started teaching elementary education. Jennifer: Did either of your parents go to college? If so, where? Jon: My mother got her bachelors degree in drama at Mac Murray College in Abilene, and she got her Masters degree in education. My father also went to college, for two years, in Abilene. He was pre-law major. Jennifer: Did your parents stress the importance of a good education to you when growing up? Jon: Oh absolutely! My whole life there was no doubt that I would go to college. Jennifer: What were your favorite subjects in high school? Jon: Latin, chemistry, and current events. Jennifer: Did you do well in high school? Jon: I did pretty well. I was a B honor roll student. I mad the A honor roll once, when I was a sophomore. Jennifer: I am surprised that you still remember that. Your parents must have praised you highly. Jenn...

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